Sunday, March 5, 2017

Oregon Assisted Suicide Law Facilitated Fraud of Elderly Man

The Committee on Judiciary and Labor has issued a report claiming that there has never been a documented instance of coercion or abuse under Oregon's assisted suicide law, which is not true. There study claming that Oregon's law is There is also  recommending passage of an assisted suicide/euthanasia act (SB 1129 S.D. 2), which based on a misunderstanding of a similar law in Oregon.


 On March 26, 2013, Philip Tummarello, a retired police Sergeant Inspector, testified before the Montana Senate Judiciary Committee on on behalf of HB 505.  His testimony included the Thomas Middleton case in which physician-assisted suicide had facilitated the defrauding of an elderly man.  An article from states: 
"State and court documents show Middleton, who suffered from Lou Gehrig's disease, moved into Sawyer's home in July 2008, months after naming her trustee of his estate, The Bulletin reported Saturday.  Middleton deeded his home to the trust and directed her to make it a rental until the real estate market improved.
Instead, Sawyer signed documents that month to list the property for sale, two days after Middleton died by physician-assisted suicide.  The property sold in October of that year for more than $200,000, the documents show, and it was deposited into an account for one of Sawyer's businesses, Starboard LLC, and $90,000 of that was transferred to two other Sawyer companies, Genesis Futures and Tami Sawyer PC."  (Emphasis added).

recommending passage of SB 1129 S.D. 2, based in large part on the